Hip Circle

Hip Circle

  • $ 2000
  • $ 2500

The Hip Circle™ can be used for hip and glute activation/strength and during dynamic warm ups. Simply put the circle around your knees and take wide, staggered steps forward, backward, and side-to-side. As you take your steps, force your knees outwards to stay in alignment of your ankles/foot. Your hips and glutes will soon be ready for training and improve your movement patterns for a variety of exercises.

  • Used for hip and glute activation/strength
  • Great for dynamic warm-ups
  • Fixes weak and painful hips
  • Forces proper traction of knees while squatting and sumo deadlifting

Hip Circle™ size chart by bodyweight
Medium (13”) under 120 lbs. bodyweight
L (15”) 121- 260 lbs. bodyweight
XL (16.5”) over 260 lbs. bodyweight

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