Breast Health

Breast Health

  • $ 7093

Our Breast Health package comes with one of each of the following.

Resilient - Women's Menopause Support

Resilient provides an all-natural menopausal symptom relief to safely reduce hot flashes and night sweats.

For women experiencing perimenopause and menopausal signs, the clinical dosing of Resilient may help alleviate even the most bothersome symptoms such as mood, energy, irritability, sleeplessness and memory issues. More info...

Cenegenics® ELITE Performance EstroFreeze

An estrogen-blocking supplement that contains natural plant extracts to support the body’s process of healthy hormonal activity. In cases of excessive estrogen production, men and women can have serious health consequences. EstroFreeze can support the body’s ability to manage increased estrogen levels, naturally. More info...

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