Resistance Bands

  • $ 2300


Specially designed for a resistance training workout, resistance bands use natural rubber tubing, which provide a smooth, comfortable and consistent stretch. Using a fitness tube is a fantastic way to shape and tone your entire body. Use this band for tricep extensions, bench presses, bicep curls, squats and kneeling crunches. The new and improved manufacturing process behind these resistance bands has ensured they will hold up to frequent and intense use in fitness facilities, workout routines, physical therapy, and more. Also, this exercise tubing has larger handles than most other types of fitness tubes and also features reinforced foam handles, making them easier and more comfortable to use.

 Product Info

Fitness Tubes Features

  • Feature cushioned handles for extra comfort during stretching, yoga warm-up exercises, etc.
  • Bulk packaged.
  • The fitness tubes are available in 4 color-coded progressing resistance levels: light (blue), medium (yellow), heavy (red) and x-heavy (green).
  • Light and medium resistance level fitness tubes are 48" in length; heavy and x-heavy fitness tubes are 52" in length.

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