Weighted Jump Rope

  • $ 3200


The Weighted Jump Rope features ball bearings which provide a smooth, evenly distributed rotation. The padded, comfortable handles both have a removable rod which can be removed to decrease the weight. These jump ropes are available in 2 sizes, 1 lb. and 2 lb. The 1 lb. weighted jump rope has a 0.5 lb. rod in each handle, and the 2 lb. rope has a 1 lb. rod in each handle.

Product Info

Weighted Ropes Features

  • Features ball bearings for smooth, even rotation.
  • Comfortable padded handles.
  • Removable rod in each handle, for variable workout levels.
  • The 1 lb. weighted jump rope has 1/2 lb. in each handle; the 2 lb. skip rope has 1 lb. in each handle.

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