Dynamic Training Kit

  • $ 12500

Our Cenegenics Basic Training Kit is ideal for beginners just starting a workout program. In addition to Ankle/Wrist Weights, every Basic Training Kit includes 2 bottles of Elite Performance Whey Protein made from the best raw source of milk (grass-fed New Zealand cows) to help build strength and flexibility. Every Cenegenics product has the sole goal of helping you achieve peak vitality, no matter your age.

The Cenegenics Basic Training Kit comes with the following.

(2) Cenegenics ELITE Performance Whey Protein – Chocolate or Vanilla

A major advantage of protein powders is that they are convenient.  In a world where everyone is overwhelmed with a busy life, it often becomes difficult to find the time to prepare high-protein meals of fish, lean meats, and eggs. More info…

Ankle/Wrist Weights

Adjustable Wrist/Ankle Weights are the perfect tool to easily add weight to any workout. Built with removable weight packs that have a self-gripping closure, you can easily adjust them from 4 lbs. - 20 lbs. to create a progressive routine as you build strength and flexibility. More info…

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