Cenegenics Shaker Bottle

Cenegenics Shaker Bottle

  • $ 800

The Cenegenics Shaker Bottle is a reusable 24 oz. fitness or measuring protein shaker. It features a removable plastic cup with a swivel flip-top for drinking and plastic propeller to break up powders and any small contents. Take your shaker bottle to the gym or use it to save time cleaning up messes with your blender. It is also great for health clubs, health food stores, schools and more. The 24 oz custom shaker bottle is marked with the Cenegenics logo and name to let everyone know you are working hard at reaching your age management goals.”

Product Info

  • Reusable 24 oz., fitness or measuring shaker.
  • Removable screw-on plastic cap with a swivel flip-top lid for drinking.
  • Includes removable plastic propeller that helps prevent protein power buildup and aids in the mixing process.
  • Great for the gym or to save time cleaning up messes with your blender.
  • BPA-free and made of durable material
  • Item Size: 9"H x 3.5"Diameter.

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